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Lotto Magic Team Updates, News and Links. Florida Lotto Magic is one of the few lotto pool and work at home businesses that provides a team lottery pool for the Florida, Powerball and the Mega Millions lotteries. It also has available an optional and proven home business opportunity. Florida Lotto Magic is a rock solid company that has been in business and successful for it's lotto team members since 1996!

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Updated Team News

Welcome to the Florida Lotto Magic Team!

Some of what I've been doing to help increase the growth of YOUR Lotto Magic team even more! It's my job to help YOU and your Lotto team grow bigger and better through FREE targeted traffic.


Lotto Magic New The Team Video Wall is live! It's a nice & clean design, thanks to Bob (you go Bob-a-reno). This site highlights the team video's being hosted at Daily Motion. It uses a "video wall" and "video zap" code for the cool team video display and effects. Hey now, ad don't forget the team videos are also hosted on YouTube, Daily Motion & Meta Cafe!


What do we offer you when you join?

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Lotto Magic has a team member site. Join Lotto Magice and get YOUR Magic Lotto Number on the team now!

Power Team PartnersHot News 1 - We've just joined forces with The EPX Body Team and they are officially a part of our large network of websites!
Power Team PartnersHot News 2 - A brand new company video is out, you can check it out on the core team site or YouTube! Embed it, sure just do it.
Power Team PartnersHot News 3 - The free Independent Business Owner Exchange is now creating more free social media traffic for you and your team.
Power Team PartnersHot News 4 - Your team marketing blog is now formatted for mobile use. Check it out on your smart phone or read more about it.
Power Team PartnersHot News 5 - Facebook ads, sweet. You can read more a the free team ads page. We're now advertising the team on Facebook.
Power Team PartnersHot News 6 - The Lotto Magic Team Newspaper is live. It's a clean compilation of team Lotto Magic content from well, everywhere.
Power Team PartnersHot News 7 - Added a new team marketing platform at IBO Social. See what's we're doing for YOU and your team, yea and join free.
New "Viral" Team Lotto Widget:
The Random Lottery Number Generator!
Recent Lotto Magic winner information Check out the recent Lotto Magic win, it was for $6714 - yes it really happens.


Combo Splash - The Lotto Magic video and other important information all on one easy to read page. If they're not interested in clicking to "Get Started" right away they can endure some of my thoughts and also check out actual Lotto Magic testimonials before clicking to more information and details. (click your browser back button to return here)
Lotto Magic Video Splash - Just the facts ma'am! Designed for simplicity... they arrive, watch the video and then they click and go immediately to YOUR Lotto Magic personal web site. This is a variation of the page, best for people that prefer video and a link. (same as above, click your back button to return)
Lotto Magic Benefits Page - That's actually the formal name. I prefer to call it "Florida Lotto Magic in a Nutshell". Many of the benefits are listed in bullet fashion in one clean and easy to read and fast loading page.
New Internet Advertising - We've contracted for ad campaigns with a company named Project Wonderful. Our advertising campaigns are set-up to place varying sized banner ads on many sites within their network of web site publishers - PLUS we've also placed team banner ads with two dozen individual publishers. A results update to follow.
General News & Information: The Latest Florida Lotto Magic Newsletter has been published and has some "must know" information - read it online. Or view the Lotto Magic Newsletter archives. Lastly, here's a blast from the past... The Lotto Magic Team Duplication Report that was sent out to our loyal team members back in July 2011.
Via the widget top banner = YOUR visitors!

This is one of our popular team video's. There are more in the production process so be sure to visit this team update site again soon. You can also visit the Lotto Magic Youtube channel to view them all. We've always got something cooking at Blog Spot, Google+ and at facebook so poke around some and see what we have going on. You might learn something, laugh, or you might be able to use what we're doing for your own Lotto Magic related marketing or team projects!


More on our team video and other marketing projects soon, so for now please keep in mind that the power of "team building" is only possible if your upline leadership is willing (or able) to help make you and the people on your team a complete success too.

Visit youtube and watch this Lotto Magic video!
The online Lotto Magic team newspaper is live! Thanks to the Ad Network for all the hard work setting this up for all the team members. :-)  
Hot off the press... the newest Lotto Magic Company video!
Team SEO Success: The Lotto Magic 101 team traffic funnel site is off and running to benefit you. It's goal is to tap into search terms such as "What is a Lotto Pool" or "Lotto Pools" etc. since many people don't completely understand the concept of buying lottery tickets as a team then sharing in the winnings together. Anyways the sole purpose of the Lotto Magic 101 site is to attract people interesting in joining a lottery ticket pool for the Florida, Powerball and the Mega Millions lotteries then, dare I say it again... we route them to YOUR Lotto Magic site so they can join you "and" your team members. As is the standard on any of the team sites absolutely 100% of the links send visitors through the team URL rotator so again these "targeted" visitors are yours completely, enjoy.
New (free) Marketing Platform: We recently joined IBO Tool Box for the benefit of the team, however it's not just for those on our Free online marketing platform. Build your online business - free! team. It's available to anyone that wants to build their business through an integrated (and dare I say it again - free) marketing and social media platform. IBO has been around for years and they've tested, refined and upgraded their free marketing system to perfection. I've found the free advertising, free marketing tools and the whole social media atmosphere there as impressive. Running an online business? Then I recommend you click the banner to the right (or click here), check it out and then decide for yourself. You do NOT want to miss this power suite of free marketing tools. In the coming days we'll be linking our IBO team page from the Lotto Magic Team network of sites and also from the various social media sites.
Ongoing Update: New Team ads placed - A few more new online advertisers have been added to the overall Lotto Magic marketing mix. We've been with many of them for years however a few new ones were recently added to mix it up a bit and ad some advertising variety. We'll be watching the click throughs to determine the results. As far as offline advertising, this years newspaper and magazine ad blitz is complete. Many were pre-paid for months in advance to ensure a consistent stream of visibility in the print media. Here are the Lotto Magic ads that were created for this particular offline marketing campaign.
New Team Capture Page at Lotto Magic Biz: Nothing fancy smancy, but again... free traffic for YOU and your team. It's called Lotto Magic Biz and like all the free team related sites we market for your benefit it's designed to simply "funnel" traffic to you. Plus it contains the viral (and free) Las Vegas visitors guide for all visitors. Be sure to check it out today. Whether you're in our team or any other Lotto Magic team it doesn't matter, get YOUR share of the free visitors we generate! For team specific (Lotto Magic Team) details be sure to read the most recent team marketing update sent to you via email, hopefully it's NOT in the spam folder of your inbox. Lastly... check out the new Lotto Magic advertising banners there at the team blog - easy.
Free Social Media Traffic Generating Platform: You might already know we're very active in many social media sites, you probably are too, however if you've ever wanted more retweets from Twitter, more likes via Facebook or even more pins through Pinterest then for the most part it's generally hit or miss. Sure you can pay for that stuff, but why would you if you can get it all for free, yep free. We recently joined and then tested a free social media exchange platform out there and it does work and it's designed to get YOU more social media interaction. This isn't just for those on our Lotto Magic team, it's for really anyone that's currently involved in social media. Join free, no hoops to jump through, no upgrade required, no smoke and mirrors. It's called the Independent Business Owner Exchange, and yea you'll like it - enjoy!
Recently Updated: We created a new 468x60 advertising banner rotator to replace the one designed earlier. There wasn't anything wrong with the earlier version, in fact it's still running out there. We had new banners designed and wanted these new creations to have their own rotating account. The below Lotto Magic "Team" banner automatically rotates out and is replaced with a brand new banner with each new visitor or with a page refresh. Go ahead, click on the banner below to see where it takes you...

Visit the Florida Lotto Magic Team updates and news site again for the scoop on what's happening!Best to join the Lotto Magic Team today, otherwise you could be joining the person that visits after you leave!That's all for now. Be sure to visit here again for more information on what we're doing for you and your team. If you're not on OUR team and you're here doing some research that's fine too. If someone in your family or your business is considering taking another position in Lotto Magic then we look forward to welcoming them to the team soon. There have been many other Lotto Magic teams come and go since our team launched in 2005 however we've endured, innovated and consistently grown over all these years. We're here, well forever so it's best you join one of our team members soon. Wait too long and you could very possibly end up joining the person that shows up here after you leave today.


Don't delay, we're building and growing as you read this - visit a team member's Lotto Magic site today!






P.S. Visit us today at YouTube, Facebook, TwitterBlog Spot, Google+ and Pinterest!

This is what we do in Lotto Magic... Teamwork!
The graphics above were created specifically for one of the new team video's - you can check out the final version here.