Conversational Customer Support

Conversational Customer Support

Delight your customers with efficient and speedy Customer Service so that no customer has to keep waiting for a response

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Automated Customer Support


Simplify Task

AI chatbots can simplify tasks by reducing the number of steps, and the time it takes to complete them. The simplified task saves the customer time and the company money.

Customer Help With Bot

Quick Query Responses

Conversational customer support with chatbots helps customers get immediate answers to commonly asked questions in a chat window, eliminating the need to connect with the service agent or wait for a response through email, phone, or other means. Getting a quick answer in an emergency and resolving a complaint are the two top preferences of customers for using chatbots.

Customer Support Ai Chatbot

Reducing Customer Wait Time

Chatbots help to reduce the long wait times for customers, especially during peak hours when agents are inundated with queries from many customers at a time. With common and simple queries getting addressed with chatbots, customers with complicated issues get connected to the agents fast, which helps to improve brand loyalty.

Unified Omnichannel Experience

Customer Support Chatbots

Seamless Redirection to Live Agents

In instances where they cannot respond to queries or requests, Chatbots have an inbuilt system that can do smart routing by directing chats to the agent or the right resource for further resolution. The live agent seamlessly picks the conversation from the time of transfer without any need for customers to explain the issue again.

24*7 Support Chatbot

24/7 Support

Chatbots help round the clock to meet the customer’s expectations for a fast solution no matter what time of the day. Chatbots can interact all around the year without any holidays, which leads to higher customer engagement and brand loyalty. 64% of consumers believe that 24/7 service is the most useful functionality of chatbots.

Cutomer Support Chatbots

Chatbots with Multi-Language Support

Another unique feature of AI chatbot is that it can be configured in multiple languages to enable customers to resolve their queries in the language of their choice. AI chatbot’s ability to offer customer support in multiple languages also helps the brand appeal to a broader customer base.

Cost and Process Optimization

Customer Support Chatbots

Cost Benefits

Based on Harvard research, a B2C company saves more than $7, and a B2B company saves more than $13 for every service interaction (phone, email or live chat) that is eliminated using AI chatbots.

Customer-Chatbot Support

Process Optimization

The stored data and information collated by the chatbots can be used to improvise the conversational agent and leverage customer feedback for product development. The brand can optimize its knowledge base through chatbots and their data repositories.

Why Conversational Customer Support is important?

In an omnichannel world, customer touchpoints span multiple channels and devices. To deliver the best customer experience across the customer journey, a company needs to take a holistic view to meet customer expectations at each touchpoint. Conversational AI that enables human-like interactions between computers and humans through automated text and voice-enabled applications help companies or brands achieve this objective.

Conversational AI uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning) tools to help companies resolve customer queries and assist agents withcustomer care.

Traditional chatbots, powered by conversational AI, help customers through a spoken or typed interface, and enable quick and seamless conversations, increase engagement, and enhance customer experience. Book a demo of our intuitive chatbots to drive your business and generate leads.

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