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Chat360 &
Google Dialogflow
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Integrate Google Dialogflow with the Chat360 for easy customization with codeless integration

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Why does your business need

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Chat360 and Google Dialogflow interaction is unstoppable. It allows you to design and build an advanced and updated chatbot that is highly scalable. Make your customer support better than your competitors and grow your business exponentially with this solution.

cater to multiple channels
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Cater to multiple channels

  • Google Dialogflow enables integration with several platforms.
  • Thus, integrating your Chat360 chatbot with it will let you cater to different platforms’ audiences.
customized analytics
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Customized Analytics

  • Chat360 and Google Dialogflow enable you to see your chatbot’s performance on different channels.
  • Know about consumer behavior patterns and make changes to chat flow accordingly.
no language barriers
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No language barriers

  • Google Dialogflow supports many languages.
  • Thus, making your chatbot multilingual and capable of catering to a larger audience.
highly scalable
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Highly scalable

  • Chat360 and Google Dialogflow integration give you a customer service solution that is highly expandable.
  • It can handle millions of users together without fail.

Get your Chat360 and Dialogflow integrated solution

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Step-By-Step Integration

To Integrate:

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Watch the video about
how to integrate with Dialogflow

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Frequently Asked

frequently asked questions
What are the limitations of Google Dialogflow?


Google Dialogflow comes with a few limitations however, integrating it with the Chat360 bot can help you get rid of them.

Does Google Dialogflow store user data?


Yes, it does store the user data in its internal system for the purpose of documentation.

Is Google Dialogflow free of cost?


The Google Dialogflow is free of cost only for the trial edition. But it comes with several limitations.