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Grow your business by converting visitors into customers

Handling customer support can be hard but thanks to our new WhatsApp bot, your customer service troubles will cease to exist

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Design your WhatsApp chatbot on our platform, easily integrate it with WhatsApp!

Resolve Order Queries
Provide Instant Customer Support
Ensure Seamless Customer Experience
Reduce Resource Costs By 2x

Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbots

Customer Support

Automate Customer Queries

Smoothly handle an influx of Customer Service tickets by automating ticket remediation on WhatsApp, the most customers’ preferred platform.


Now Recover Abandoned Carts Faster

Ecommerce businesses lose billions every year due to abandoned carts. With timely notifications on WhatsApp, customers stay mindful of their carts leading to a decrease in cart abandonment

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Better Transaction Rate

According to Forbes, Business leaders say chatbots have increased sales by 67% on average. Help customers by guiding them with simple requests and send timely notifications about promotions and discounts to improve transaction rates.

Chat360.Io Features

Better Lead Generation

About 53% of marketers spend at least half of their budget on lead generation. With WhatsApp, say Hi to cost-effective Lead Generation.

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Cut-down Customer Support Costs

Chatbots can help businesses save as much as 30% of customer support costs? With less or no maintenance costs, Chatbots are only a one-time investment.

Unlock the full potential of WhatsApp Business

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Automation is essential to scaling a messaging strategy

We will help you understand the most popular consumer intents and how well you’re fulfilling them, so you can build AI-powered chatbots that will work together with your human experts to generate leads, drive sales, and build loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is my subscription fee charged?
  • What if I want to unsubscribe to the plan?
  • Which credit/debit cards do you accept?
  • What payment gateway do you use?
  • Why is my credit card being declined for payment?
  • What happens if I miss a payment in the payment cycle?
  • Why did I receive a call from Chat360 today seeking my personal information?
  • Is Chat360 accepting international payments on it’s website?

Your credit card will be charged at the end of each billing period automatically. It depends upon what plan you have chosen for your business. If you opt for a monthly plan, then your card will be charged on the first day of the new monthly billing cycle. If you have selected a yearly plan (which is highly recommended), your card will be charged automatically on the first day of the new yearly cycle.

We offer monthly and yearly paid plans. You can read more about these plans on our Pricing page. All our plans are recurring, and your credit card will be charged automatically. If you wish to unsubscribe your plan, you can cancel your plan before your prepaid period ends (term-end). We will process a cancellation if you send an email to sales@chat360.io

We accept the following credit and debit cards on our website (www.chat360.io):

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

Chat360 uses Stripe for payments on the website, a secure credit card payment gateway service to process your credit card payments.

If your credit card is being declined, it’s generally due to your bank’s automated fraud systems settings, and generally not with Chat360 or Stripe (our online payment gateway). If this continues to happen to you, do make sure that your credit card information is correctly entered and retry submitting it at-least three times. If transaction is still not going through, then you will need to contact your bank to clear the transaction with us.

Every time Stripe submits a request of charge to your bank, its automated systems determine whether or not to accept the charge. In order to determine this, our payment gateway Stripe takes several things into consideration, including the account balance & your card expiration date.

We have an automated process in place which will attempt to bill or charge your card multiple times over a period of 2 weeks before we downgrade the account for non-payment. If you get a notification e-mail from Chat360’s Billing department, and update your billing information before the end of the 14 days, our next automatic charging attempt will be successful and your subscription will carry on without any disruption.

We never contact you to ask your personal details like your bank account information, your home address or other personal details. You will receive an email from sales@chat360.io before you will receive a call from us. Our representatives may contact you in some cases but they will never ask for your personal information and credit card details over the phone.

YES. Chat360 uses Stripe as it’s payment gateway. We accept international credit cards for payments on our website. If you are having any trouble, please e-mail to sales@chat360.io.