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How to grow your restaurant business with the Restaurant WhatsApp bot

whatsapp chatbot for restaurants

Whatsapp is on a roll! With 2.7 billion monthly active users, it has been making a mark. In the present omnichannel universe of messages, posts, and tweets, purchasers progressively need to associate with organizations the same way they associate with their loved ones. It just so happens that informing applications — like WhatsApp, LINE, and Facebook courier — are starting to lead the pack as the favored messaging apps. As the world’s most famous informing channel, WhatsApp possesses an administrative role with users in over 180 regions, releasing more than 100 billion messages consistently.

WhatsApp Restaurant Bot

With WhatsApp, organizations can send updates, deliver alarms, request warnings, item demonstration recordings, confirmation codes, tickets, and 2-way client overviews and backing messages. It’s quick, more private, and worldwide in reach. What is even better is that it is end-to-end encrypted, which makes it all the more secure. So along with personal use, Whatsapp is also perfect for business use.

All the things mentioned above become even better with the Restaurant Whatsapp bot. A WhatsApp bot is a virtual assistant that assists your customers in their entire sales process. Learn how your restaurant can utilize the WhatsApp bot.

Why does your restaurant need a Whatsapp Chatbot?

Here are some of the use cases of WhatsApp bots for restaurants

1. Automate reservations in Restaurants

Getting reservations in line and then streamlining the process to get customer feedback can be tedious, especially when there are so many requests for online orders- it makes the entire process all the more complicated. Any human error means the whole process can go haywire, and orders can go hither and thither.

But with the Chat360 Restaurant WhatsApp bot, the entire process will be streamlined, and the scope of human error will be reduced. Chatbots can conduct these tasks efficiently and also ensure efficiency. Chat360 Bots can capture leads from WhatsApp and then put them in the system, ensuring no error. Furthermore, you can easily separate reservations from online orders, minimize human error, and gain customers’ faith in your service.

Whatsapp restaurant bot

2. Boost your online presence

It would be best if you had an online presence to stay relevant in this digitally transforming world. Several industries are automating their tasks and processes and making their services faster, more competent, and more trustworthy. When it comes to food business, that’s where real-time confirmation and communication are the most important thing- now, it’s possible with the Chat360 Restaurant WhatsApp bot.

The WhatsApp bot lets restaurants and food joints provide quick and satisfactory customer services by integrating technology into their system. The business will flourish when you are on a platform where your customers are and from where they can easily order food and have access to you 24*7. Having a Restaurant WhatsApp bot will transform the image of your restaurant, making it a brand that cares about its customers’ comfort and provides top-tier customer services.

3. Make food ordering as easy as eating it

Food gives satisfaction that nothing else can. On top of that, ordering lip-smacking food without much hassle is what every customer wants. So be the one providing that to your customers!

Chat360 Restaurant WhatsApp bot has made it possible for customers to get the help of an assistant (virtual, of course)to choose from the menu, order, cancel, or modify their order request in no time. A secret- attract new customers by sharing mg”>

great discount coupons and offers through the Restaurant WhatsApp bot.

Whatsapp restaurant bot menu
WhatApp chatbot restaurant Menu

4. Website and application in one!

WhatsApp API gives you several options, and one of them is you can showcase your menu and what your restaurant offers through WhatsApp itself.

Also, your restaurant will be available on the most used messaging application. Your customers can text, ask for the menu, surf and find the best options and order it- all through one single application involving intelligent two-way communication.

5. What you save is what you earn

Even a single penny you save is a penny earned! These days conventional ways of ordering food are diminishing, and customers go on food delivery applications and get whatever they want. But why? Three reasons- it is easier to order, it is easier to pay, and quality food gets delivered faster.

But these are the things that you can provide your customer too. Then why collaborate with some other company and pay there as well? Instead, build your brand by deploying a chatbot covering all the details.

Taking orders, canceling orders, updating delivery status, and a lot more while you, as owner, sit, keep an eye on the operation, and be more effective for your business. . Let the chatbot built by Chat360 do all the heavy lifting.

4. Make food recommendations

To gain the faith and loyalty of your customers, you need to understand them. Today’s customers expect nothing less than the best, and they will not only not settle for low-quality service and will also openly criticize and give feedback.

Understanding what your customers prefer regarding food and drinks is also a part of ensuring that they get quality service. A whatsApp chatbot can help you know that by keeping a record of what the person has ordered, the frequency of orders, and the delivery timings. When you have these details in line, you will be able to comprehend your customers’ preferences and eating habits and then send them personalized recommendations.

5. Personalized recommendations serve two purposes:

  • Delight your customers by giving an impression that you care about them.
  • Increase your business as customers tap on your suggestions, which might make them crave food.

6. Better presentation of menus

The booklet menu is now a fashion, a memory of the “Pre-Covid” era. Today it is “scan to get the menu” time.

Your restaurant should evolve just like the times are. Make your customers scan the menu, which will take them to WhatsApp, and then the Chat360 bot will take care of the rest.

Answer customer queries, make recommendations, help them order without having to call for human help, and then make them pay as well, as WhatsApp has introduced a paid feature (only in India for now).

7. Regain old customers

Have you lost a customer because of a slight slip in an order? Make up for it. If their chat has been quiet for a while, send a discount coupon or a personalized recommendation through the WhatsApp chatbot.

Please give them a comfortable space to communicate, convey their grievances, and gain them back in no time! And there you retain another customer just by offering better customer service.

Things to consider while creating a Restaurant WhatsApp bot for your restaurant

1. Automation of conversations

Dialogues are the core of any chatbot, and automating them is the first step that needs to be taken. Dialogues are the first interaction and the connection builders between your customer and business, so get them straight. Ex. Hey there, how are you doing? Or, Hey, how can I help you today?

2. Preset topics

The predefined topics give context to the bot, and it can then hold a conversation with the customer. This will enable the bot to provide different answers to questions. Regarding restaurants, topics can be anything- Ex, menus, drinks, starters, main course, etc.

3. Variables

Name, place, timing, and address are all variables. If you want to greet your customers with their names, then the chatbot can also retrieve predefined information. Use these variables to make the customer experience better.

4. Data model

Data models are nothing but tables with extra information which can be used by the bot when needed, for example, the catalog, menu, and names of the dishes.

5. Analytics

Metrics are an essential part of the Restaurant Whatsapp bot to know more about your customers and then give them recommendations and see your growth.

You can sit back, relax, and look at the analytics of how Chat360’s Restaurant WhatsApp bot has helped you in increasing your ROI.

Chat360, a Solution for your Restaurants

Restaurant WhatsApp chatbot can streamline the reservation process, improve online presence, simplify food ordering, and offer personalized food recommendations. The WhatsApp API allows restaurants to showcase their menu and provide excellent customer service. Additionally, it can help restaurants regain old customers and automate conversations. By deploying a chatbot, restaurants can save money and provide top-tier customer service, making their brand stand out.

Chat360, where we redefine customer engagement. As a leading provider of sophisticated chatbot solutions, we seamlessly integrate intelligent bots across WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, websites, and CRM platforms. 

Elevate your restaurant’s service with specialized WhatsApp chatbots, uniquely tailored for the culinary industry. Experience the synergy of innovation and efficiency with Chat360.